How to Engage Users

Let’s say that you have created some social media pages and accounts.  Now what?

The whole point of having these accounts is to pull users to your account so that they “follow” you.  You want them to be getting updates, to know more about your business/service/product/whatever.  But the most important thing you want out of all of this???

You want to engage them.  What good is your page if no one is talking about it? What good is your page if no one is actually looking at it or giving you feedback?  You might as well be talking to a wall (no pun intended).

Let’s go over the goals of Social Media:

-For users to “Share” your content and direct others to your content

-For users to talk about your content

-For users to respond to your content positively and sometimes even negatively (this can be used as constructive feedback)

So how do you do this?

  1. Generate interesting and relevant content.  Do we care what you ate for breakfast? NO.  Do we care if you met your monthly sales goals? Probably not.  Do we care if you are introducing a new cutting edge design for one of your best selling products that will cut the energy use in half and decrease the carbon footprint allowing for the saving of 10,000 trees per year?  Most likely.  Make sure that your content is captivating and interesting and most importantly relevant.  Now with this being said, there are some occasions where you could share some intriguing non-related content, something you think your audience might find interesting, perhaps a new innovative technology that supports your businesses vision or mission or the promotion of a revolutionary person or idea.
  2. Get people to talk about your product/service.  This brings us back to conversation 101. ASK OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS.  If you want to solicit information, ASK! By asking Yes or No closed ended questions you are cutting off the conversation before it has even begun.  Your customer will answer the question in their head and then that’s it, or maybe you’ll get a “like” but that doesn’t mean anything if you cannot analyze it.
  3. Tailor your content to the user.  Make the user feel as if they are being taken into consideration with every post you make.  Make it personal.  This will create a sense of relation with your customer. Generate content that the user will want to share with with all of their friends….and they will.  You also have to make sure that you are responding to your customers comments, likes, shares, reposts etc. Let them know you are listening and that you really do appreciate their interaction.  Nobody wants to be just a number.  Plus, by responding personally or as your business page it will build rapport and it will build brand loyalty with your customers.

See our upcoming articles and video blogs for more updates tips and tricks about social media related topics.