Blogging: The most important Social Media tool

Blogging:  The most important social media tool

Blogging is the most important social media tool to utilize online because here you can really get  in-depth about all things related to your business/brand.  If you utilize blogging correctly you can create a strong foundation that supports all other social media platforms and uses them as additional “directors” to guide traffic back to your website.

When you blog, you are able to demonstrate your expertise on whatever subject it is that you are blogging about.  To your audience you appear knowledgeable and credible and therefore people will be more likely to participate by following.

There are some things to look out for with blogging though.

  1. You need to legitimately know what you are talking about.  It is extremely easy to detect when blog articles or bloggers are full of it and once people do, they will drop you faster than you can say Jack Robinson.
  2. Do NOT focus the blog on yourself.  Focus the blog on something one would want to know about that falls in the realm of your business or brand and then subtly and casually tie in how your business or brand is related or could be utilized at the end, here again we are practicing re-direction.
  3. Your content needs to be the correct length.  As my favorite english teacher once said, “Keep your content like a skirt; long enough to cover the subject, short enough to keep it interesting”.  Or just stick to the KISS method.
  4. Don’t overdo it with the jargon.  Unless you are an advanced and specialized technical blog you will want to integrate vocabulary that someone who is just tuning in would be able to understand.  If you do need to introduce some terminology perhaps tailor a specific blog toward an inventory or overview of industry specific terms to educated and keep your followers on point.
  5. Many times we are misled into thinking that if we blog about our practices or techniques that we use, we are essentially giving up our “secrets”.  It’s quite the contrary actually.  Sure, some people might run with the idea or even try to use it but the majority of people are reading about it, with no intention to ever practice it, but merely to gain knowledge on it.  This reverts back to the first point, that by telling your audience these things that you are simply demonstrating your comprehension of the subject and making them aware of their online needs.

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